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Transform milk and juice cartons into Easter baskets.

Upcycle your empty milk cartons and let your kids make these cute bunny-like easter baskets.


  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Glue or double-sided tape
  • Hole punch
  • One litre milk or juice carton with a spout
  • Construction paper (pastel colors)
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Cotton ball (optional)


  1. Have an adult cut a panel from the carton (with the spout) and save it to later make a handle. Staple the open spout closed.
  2. Use construction paper to cover the carton (you can use glue or tape).
  3. Use the hole punch in the center of the spout ridge to create a spot where the whiskers go. Place the pipe cleaners in the holes, then glue on the googly eyes.
  4. Next, the bunny needs ears. Cut ear shapes from the same color construction paper, then cut smaller ear shapes (pink) to glue on to the middle of the ears. Staple the ears on the top of the base so that they stand up.
  5. Finally, create the handle by trimming the cut carton side, covering it with construction paper, and stapling it to the basket!
  6. Add the finishing touch of gluing a cotton ball to the tail of the bunny basket.

Beautiful egg box parcels.

To make a fun Easter gift for family and friends, why not decorate an egg box? Egg boxes are not really worth much as a recyclable paper grade so they are perfect “upcycling projects”.

You can leave the box raw and either put stickers on or paint with decorations, or you can paint the box and decorate with pictures, ribbons and embellishments. Let the kids have fun. A wonderful rainy day activity!

Get all the how-to details here:


Newspaper flowers.

You will need:

Newspaper pages, two sosatie sticks, coloured crayons or pastels, hot glue gun* or a good craft glue, petal and leaf templates.

  1. Take a 57x38cm page (a stronger white advertIsing page is advised)
  2. Place 2 sosatie sticks head to toe along the 57cm edge of the page about 5 cm in from the edge. Place a bit of hot glue to keep them secure and fold the page along the sticks. Tightly roll the page up to create the stem of the flower.
  3. Using the leaf template, cut out two leaves from newspaper. Colour the edges using green crayon or pastel.
  4. Using the petal template, cut about 10 petals from newspaper. Colour the edges using crayon or pastels of your colour choice.
  5. Put glue along the bottom edge of first petal and roll it around the top edge of your stem. Continue to glue the other petals around the stem making sure to overlap a third of the previous petal as a rose would.
  6. Once you have glued on enough petals for your liking fold the petals out to form the flower, making sure not to tear the petals.
  7. Lastly, glue the leaves onto the stem, using the same technique as the petals, about a third of the way down from the flower head.
  8. Remember to put left over paper in your paper recycling!

*The glue gets very hot: Be careful not to touch the hot glue or you will burn your fingers.


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