Partners and projects


The Fibre Processing and Manufacturing Sector Education and Training Authority (FP&M Seta)

The FP&M Seta was established in 2011, following a decision by government to cluster sectors to help them strengthen linkages in the value chains of related industries. The Seta maximises skills development in 13 sub-sectors, including clothing, textiles, footwear, general goods, leather, forestry, wood products, furniture, packaging, printing, print media, publishing and pulp and paper. Together these create tremendous value for consumers through the conversion of lumber, pulp, animal hides and natural and synthetic fibres into products like furniture, clothing, shoes, paper, board, books and magazines. 

The National Recycling Forum

The National Recycling Forum is a non-profit organisation that promotes the recovery and recycling of a range of materials, including paper, cans, glass and plastic. Members are made up of players in the formal recycling industry, government and local utilities, regional recycling forums and co-opted advisory partners.

Packaging SA

Packaging SA, formerly known as the Packaging Council of South Africa, is a voluntary industry body closely associated with the Institute of Packaging South Africa. Members include converters and associates, with converters accounting for some 70% of the revenue generated by the industry. Associates are major raw material suppliers, brand owners, retailers and other organisations with interests in the packaging industry. Collectively, they employ 60,000 people in South Africa.

Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa

The Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa is a multi-disciplinary non-profit organisation committed to supporting professional waste management practices. Volunteer members promote the most sustainable, practical, cost-effective and appropriate waste management options with the aim of protecting the environment and people from the adverse effects of poor waste management. The institute contributes to the improvement of waste management standards and legislation, supports international, national and regional trends in best environmental practice and the science and technology of waste management. 


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