What to Recycle

What to Recycle


These paper-based products are recyclable!

  • Magazines and brochures, including glossy varieties
  • Newspapers
  • Office and shredded paper, envelopes
  • Cardboard boxes of any kind – dry food, cosmetic and medicine boxes; roll cores, packing cartons (flattened)
  • Old telephone directories and books
  • Envelopes
  • Paper giftwrap
  • Milk, beverage and food cartons (liquid board packaging)
  • Paper cups

YES! Milk and juice cartons are recyclable as are paper cups. Using hydrapulping technology, the paper fibre is separated from the plastic and foil layers. 

Non Recyclable 

These items are not recyclable due to contaminationfinishes (laminates and foils) or lack of processing facilities in South Africa.

  • Used paper plates, disposable nappies, tissues and toilet paper
  • Wax-coated, foil-lined or laminated boxes (unless stipulated)
  • Used cement bags
  • Used dog food bags
  • Foil gift wrapping
  • Carbon paper
  • Laminated paper

Learn some good garbage habits under our How to Recycle section.


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