How to Recycle


Golden rules for recycling

  • Keep recyclable paper clean and dry.
  • Invest a paper-only bin or box for easy separation from other recyclables and wet waste.
  • Once you get the hang of it, start separating other recyclables too: plastic, cans/tins and glass as well as organic waste for composting.
  • Encourage others to recycle!

At home

  • You may want to have a few paper recycling bins around the house, space permitting. 
  • Decide what you will do with your recyclables – have it collected or drop it off? 
  • Make a difference to a school or community organisation and ‘deposit’ your paper in their bank.
  • Don’t let the recycling pile get too big before you drop it off. Keep a box/crate in your car so you can do a weekly drop-off when you do your shopping or run other errands.
  • Make family, friends and visitors aware that you recycle your paper.

Here are some fun ways to encourage recycling in the home.

At the office

  • Place paper-only bins or receptacles for easy separation from other recyclables and wet waste especially in areas where there would be paper disposal e.g. at desks, photocopiers and printers and in communal kitchens.
  • Mark recycling receptacles clearly and perhaps use a colour-coding system.
  • Decide what you will do with your recyclables – have it collected or drop it off?
  • Support a community fundraising programme.
  • Support a local small business or informal collector with your recyclable paper.
  • Make staff and visitors aware of the office recycling programme. It may take regular education and encouragement. Download some printable posters here.

At school


Recycling Resources A Success Story